Empowering women to take health and wellness into their own hands.

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Our Mission

At Kasha, our mission is to provide direct access to products and information to anyone in Africa who can get hold of a mobile phone. Kasha is built for women first, but everyone is welcome. Our mobile platform was built to be available both online and offline, using either a smartphone or a basic mobile phone, in both urban and rural areas.

Kasha strives to be Africa's largest retailer of women's health and personal care products.

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How Kasha Works



Using any type of mobile phone


We make paying over your phone or in person as easy as possible


Direct to your home, work or school or to a Kasha pick-up point in your neighborhood

Customer Support

Call, SMS or WhatsApp our friendly customer support team. Our job is to help you!

What We Sell

We have a variety of products so that women have what they need to take care of themselves, their families and their communities. We only sell genuine quality products.

Pharmacy & Health Care

Personal Care

About Us

If we are going to see real development in the world, then our best investment is women.

Desmond Tutu

The Kasha journey began with a belief that empowering women is one of the critical levers to end global poverty.

The research is clear: when a women has the ability to take control of her destiny and make informed choices there are positive ripple effects on her family, her community and her country. Women have unique needs that need to be recognized and celebrated. Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchases, so it also makes great business sense to build a solution that focuses on women.

Kasha formed in 2016 by two women with a deep common belief in striving for social justice and the opportunity for technology to drive global social change. Joanna and Amanda met in 2011 while working at Microsoft in Seattle and instantly bonded. They stayed in touch after Joanna joined the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Amanda joined Porch.com. Through a frustration of seeing that critical life-saving products are still not reaching people in developing countries and that very few solutions are built with women’s needs in mind, Joanna and Amanda reunited. In 2016 the idea for Kasha came together with a blueprint for both a technology platform and a profitable social business. The name was inspired by Joanna’s daughter, with an understanding that all mothers want their daughters to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.


Joanna Bichsel

  • Co-Founder, CEO

Hellen Ben Kalili

  • Head of Supply Chain

Christian Rafiki

  • Systems Engineer

Jean de Dieu Habaguhirwa

  • Program Manager of Health Integration

Amanda Arch

  • Co-Founder, Business Finance & Marketing Operations

Lambert Kamaro

  • Software Developer

Christoph Bichsel

  • Interim CTO

Strategic Advisors

Alfons Van-Woerkom

  • Sr Supply Chain Director Asia at Unilever

Shea Tate-Di Donna

  • Founder & CEO at Zana

Adam Pisoni

  • CEO at Abl Schools

Jeff Dossett

  • Board Director GOOD Worldwide Inc.

Steve Robinson

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Executive

Asha Sharma

  • Chief Operating Officer and Director at Porch

Christoph Bichsel

  • Interim CTO & Technical Advisor at Kasha Inc.

Craig Cincotta

  • Director of Communications, HoloLens & Windows Holographic at Microsoft

Clement Uwajeneza

  • CEO at RwandaOnline Platform Limited

Brian Weaver

  • Founder Anthem Systems

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