Access. Choice. Trust.

Kasha’s highly accessible technology easily interfaces with basic mobile phones... which are used across the African continent…to make things simple and affordable.

We also connect to consumers through highly-trusted members of local communities to ensure they receive the health products and household goods they decide work best for them.

Every product is screened to ensure high quality across-the-board and full accessibility to urban and rural low-income communities.

Empowering Women
and Families

While all people deserve access and choice, we are especially committed to ensuring that women get the products they want and need.

Placing our focusing here was an ethical and practical decision for us.

Women have unique health needs that vary and deepen over the course of their lives, many of which face social stigma. At the same time, they are the primary decision makers for health and household goods purchased by their families.

By reaching and serving women, we unlock the population at large.

Customer Focused. Data driven. Optimized for Women.

Together, we can transform healthcare in emerging markets by turning global health supply chains upside down - making them customer focused, data driven, reaching the last mile and optimized for women.

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Join us in creating a world where
access, choice, and trust are the pillars of health and wellness