Consumers — The Heart of Kasha

Our customers are at the center of everything we do.

We provide consumers with discreet access to essential healthcare and homecare products.

Within the area of health, we offer a wide range of pharmaceutical products including over the counter and prescription to care for health areas such as general family health, family planning, menstrual care, hypertension, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, maternal health, and so much more.

For household goods, we offer everything from hygiene and cleaning products to food staples.

No matter the stage of life... no matter your specific health care or family product needs... we’ve got you.

Here's how
it works:

  1. Whether you have internet access or not, a smartphone or not, you are well catered for. Here is how you can place an order with us:
  2. Pay digitally using mobile money.
  3. Kasha will fulfill your order at our warehouses and package it discretely, with a Kasha Agent in your community delivering it directly to you.
  4. Enjoy! Receive your Kasha order which was packaged with love and care by our team.

Customer Focused. Data driven. Optimized for Women.

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Join us in creating a world where access, choice, and trust are the pillars of health and wellness